giovedì 25 dicembre 2008

Tanti Auguri in stile Facebook!

Vi lascio questa poesia in rima (che non sto a tradurvi perche'perderebbe di senso) direttamente dal blog ufficiale di Facebook, come non mai in questo periodo dell'anno, quale miglior strumento se non il nostro caro social network preferito? Buon Natale! :)

T'is the night before Christmas, and all through the 'book
Everyone is stirring, keeping an eye out to look
Making sure that the site is alive and well
In hopes that more sharing will soon come to dwell.

With teams of Facebookers to look after your cares
Please know we will always be there for any repairs.
Holidays are no different, support will be here
Check out the Help Center, and answers appear.

With so many parties to plan and invites to be sent
Be sure to stay organized with Facebook Events.
Now, with celebrations come photos galore,
For all your family, friends and more.

Keep tagging them with precision and care
By the New Year, there'll be much more to share.
Be sure to capture it all on video, too
High-def and embedding, available and new.

Of course, we could not have done it alone
Our developers have innovated as Platform has grown.
Before the year-end, came a new way to Connect
So as you browse the web, your friends you won't neglect.

Wherever you go, your privacy will too
Keep your friends close and don't go askew.
All the while, we give you control,
Lest Santa appears, with stockings of coal.

All through the night, the servers they run,
Memcache and MySQL—oh, what fun!
Not to mention Linux, PHP and Apache
With engineers keeping everything snappy.

But most heartwarming are the stories we hear,
The people that share—they bring us a tear!
We're thankful to each and every one of you
With holiday spirit, through and through.

All this on Facebook but much more to be done,
Four years and counting, we've just begun!

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